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Discover our historic and most iconic brands!

Our brand portfolio features an extensive range of crisps, snacks, and nuts. Firm French favourites, such as Vico, Curly and Apérifruits, sit shoulder to shoulder with internationally recognised brand names such as Tyrrells.

Discover our historic and most iconic brands!

Vico Logo

At Vico, we say that every good crisp starts with a good spud! From that point onwards, less is more. Our crisps contain no artificial colours or preservatives, and are produced in Picardy at Vic-sur-Aisne.

Curly’s unique peanut flavour has accompanied family celebrations and get-togethers with friends for the past 60 years. Watch on in wonder at its unfailing ability to attract and indulge!

Monster Munch Logo

On unleashing its mouth-watering little monsters that fuel imaginations, Monster Munch fills your kids’ heads with a myriad of marvellous stories!

Natur’&Bon brings a sprinkling of originality to your day by giving you the chance to indulge in the mouth-watering benefits of our unsalted and unprocessed nuts. Expertise is also about recognising that less is more.

A unique flavour and an unparalleled crunch for all those movie nights!

Apérifruits has been accompanying celebrations and get-togethers for over 40 years with its ultra indulgent fruit and nut mixes.
Packed with hazelnuts, raisins, pineapple, almonds and peach... there really is something for all tastes!

Tyrrells have been making delicious premium hand-cooked English crisps since 2002 in the Herefordshire Countryside. Using only the finest potatoes and seasonings, they are cooked by hand in small batches to create the distinctive Tyrrells curl and crunch with no artificial flavours or preservatives. Over the years, the Tyrrells range has grown to include Vegetable Crisps, and the brand is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide.