Intersnack France

Innovating for

our people

We are deeply committed to providing a healthy and fulfilling place in which to work 

Proud of our people!

We have over 500 employees in France, and we are extremely proud of them all. They are the daily driving force behind each and every one of our accomplishments. Our success is rooted in their day-to-day efforts to provide our consumers with the best and tastiest savoury snacks.

We make every effort to ensure we remain an open, entrepreneurial and responsible place to work with a safe, diverse and rewarding environment that encourages people to thrive. 

Our ownership culture

Responsibility is a key aspect of our corporate culture. More than anything else, we want all our employees to be proud to be a part of the Intersnack Group and to feel ownership over what they do. With that in mind, ownership and recognising success form an integral part of our Intersnack Work System (IWS).

Health and safety

always come first!

Health and safety are our top priority. We consistently behave in an exemplary way to guarantee our safety and that of other people. We relentlessly strive to raise employee awareness and ensure that risk prevention continually remains top of mind.

An engaging and inclusive


We nurture a collaborative and non-hierarchical culture where we all pull together, working towards shared goals. We encourage all our employees to make contributions, share their ideas and show initiative, which helps drive the success of our business.

All of our policies and processes reflect our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion,  and we obtained a gender equality index rating of 99/100 in 2022! 

Key progress to date



A shared culture of teamwork driving shared success


ISO45001, AIB & IFS certified

All of our plants are fully certified for the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees



of training for each employee