Intersnack France

Our history

Discover the key milestones that have shaped our story, from our beginnings as a small agricultural cooperative to our current role as a key player in the savoury snacks market!

Over the past almost 70 years, Intersnack France has become a leading player in the savoury snacks market thanks to its iconic brands, innovative new products, increasingly strong commitments and an insatiable craving to do things right and do them well!


The Vico agricultural cooperative was set up in Vic-sur-Aisne in the heart of one of France’s largest potato-growing regions, which saw the local farmers become specialists at sorting, packaging and selling potatoes in 5kg bags.

Around a decade later, Vico began industrially processing potatoes, marking the start of the Vico Crisps story and leading to the Vic-sur-Aisne plant being built. 


Vico joined the Intersnack group, which at that time was the second leading manufacturer of savoury snacks in Europe.


Intersnack France was born following the takeover of four of France’s best-known brands, Curly (1974), Monster Munch (1995), Apérifruits (1982) and Baff (1980), which all joined Vico to form one big tasty family. 


All of the Intersnack France brands were taken over by Vico, which proceeded to become the umbrella brand for the entire product range.


Keen to satisfy changing consumer preferences, the firm extended its product range by launching the Natur&Bon brand, a more natural product but still with a truly great taste.


Intersnack France affirmed its strong and unwavering commitment to shaping a more sustainable world via its “Vico, Le Goût de bien faire” (“Vico, The Taste for Good”) campaign.


The Intersnack Group took over British brand Tyrrells, whose unique and overtly British brand identity brought an exciting new dimension to Intersnack’s great tasting savoury snacks range.


Benoit SNC, who had been the nut snacks specialist since 1974 and a partner since 2008, merged with Intersnack France, becoming the second industrial site in France.