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Intersnack works with each of its supply chains on a daily basis, taking care to generate value for one and all whilst relentlessly improving our products

Our main activities

Our nuts supply chains span the entire globe, whereas potatoes we use are sourced solely from partner farmers in the Picardy region. By working with our suppliers and partners, we build knowledge, capacity, efficiencies and profitability in our supply chains.

The potato supply chain

In order to maintain a dynamic supply chain and achieve optimum crisp quality, over the past 60 years the Vico brand has introduced a simple potato processing process and forged a genuine relationship of trust with its potato growing partners in Picardy. Intersnack France works hand-in-hand with around 45 local farms located less than 70 miles from the Vic-sur-Aisne production site. Over fifteen of those farms have, indeed, been working with the Vico brand for three generations. Intersnack France also helps them adopt more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. All of the farms who are members of the Vico potato growers group now hold Global GAP certification, endorsing their efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and adopt a responsible approach that promotes the health and safety of farmers.

The nut supply chain

Almonds are a good source of vitamin E whilst pistachios provide us with potassium, and our Natur'&Bon mixed nuts undergo very little processing, which helps them retain all their amazing benefits. The brand sources all its own nuts, and has implemented an ethical sourcing policy.

This means that it buys direct from the grower whenever possible, and works closely with farming cooperatives and collectives across the globe, advising them on good growing practices. The brand selects nuts based on their outstanding taste, and sources them from growers in countries that have the expertise to then process them in France.


Waste Reduction

Since the end of 2022, 100% of our family-sized packets of crisps have featured additional information to raise awareness of the need for waste reduction and encourage consumers to get actively involved in reducing waste.

Developing our

waste management policy

- As members of CEFLEX, we are actively involved in driving forward change for a circular economy. 
- We are partners of Holy Grail to make recyclable packaging more easily identifiable at waste sorting centres.
- Our goal: achieve a 100% recyclability rate for our packaging by 2025.

The Honest Cashew label

Under the aegis of the Honest Cashew label, Intersnack has been able to introduce responsible and ethical sourcing and develop its own cashew supply chain. The fully controlled process guarantees consistently high-quality products and the best possible working conditions for employees in factories where all the main stages of processing are carried out under one roof. It is on arriving in France that the cashew nuts are then salted, dry roasted or cooked in oil, depending on the recipe.

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