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consumer health and taste

At Intersnack, we obviously want our products to taste great, but we are also keen to offer alternatives that promote a healthy lifestyle!

Intersnack focuses all its expertise on developing high-quality products inspired by simple recipes and that use as few ingredients as possible. All of our factories are now IFS-certified and AIB-audited, endorsing the quality and safety of our processes and products to a high international standard.

Intersnack relentlessly strives to improve its recipes - even the most iconic - in an effort to better satisfy French consumers’ changing food preferences. 95% of Vico recipes already have a Nutriscore of A to C (according to the current Nutriscore benchmark), with the ambition of reaching 98% by the end of 2023. This proactive and transparent strategy seeks to allow consumers to choose products that support a healthier lifestyle whilst still delivering a great taste. Indulgence, as part of a balanced diet, is something that Intersnack unreservedly celebrates, inspiring the firm to adopt a Code of Conduct that aims to promote snacking solely around the notions of food diversity, pleasure and social enjoyment.

Our main activities

Intersnack is passionate about developing healthier alternatives to cater to the preferences of increasingly demanding consumers. Today, 100% of Intersnack products contain no artificial colours, no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no palm oil and no flavour enhancer. Intersnack is also the first in the industry to have removed all artificial taste enhancers from its recipes.

A sign of quality that is also illustrated through the way in which Intersnack relentlessly improves its most iconic recipes. The salt content of its legendary Monster Munch crisps, for example, has been reduced by 39% in 5 years, whilst its lentil crisps, which were launched in 2018, contain 40% less fat than traditional crisps.

Responsible marketing: Intersnack signed

The EU Pledge

The Intersnack Group is a member of the European Snack Association (ESA) and signatory of the EU Pledge.

The EU Pledge is a voluntary initiative by leading food and beverage companies to change the way they advertise to children younger than 13 years. It is a response from industry leaders to calls made by the EU institutions for the food industry to use commercial communications to support parents in making the right diet and lifestyle choices for their children.

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The highest quality standards

The safety of our customers is our top priority. To maintain optimum quality throughout the manufacturing process, we rigorously apply strict safety standards and ensure that our highly reliable quality processes are always in place. Thanks to the transparency of our product labelling, we are responding to consumer demand for ever clearer ingredient lists for the products they buy.

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